Top Tourist Attractions in Langkawi


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2. Galleri Perdana
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3. Gunung Raya Golf Club

4. Alun-Alun Spa
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5. Legend park

6. Eagle Square

A must visit in Langkawi

The name Langkawi is additionally said to have been gotten from the hawks. Helang is the nearby word for Eagles. So it is just normal that you get the opportunity to see a ton of hawks flying about the skies here.

They arrive, without stopping for even a minute and amid the evening, it is only an extraordinary incredible sight.

In the event that you are in the island, the primary spot you will touch base to by vessel is Eagle Square or Dataran Lang in Malay. This is the place you are welcomed by a colossal bird statue with wings traversed wide separated on a solid stage.

Referred to locally as Dataran Lang, it is both heavenly and in addition inviting as the bird sits on a star formed stage which appeared to be so suitable.

It is situated around the Kuah breakwater and this is the place you will have the capacity to visit the numerous scaffolds, lakes, eateries and keepsake shops here.

7. Gunung Raya

8. Book Village

9. Argo park – MARDI
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10. Makam Mahsuri

11. Snake Sanctuary
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12. Underwaterworld Langkawi
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13. Alun-Alun Spa
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14. Laman Padi
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15. Morac International Go-Kart

16. Beras Terbakar

17. Telaga Harbour Park

18. Summer Palace

19. Oriental Village

20. Langkawi Cable Car

Operating since 1970’s

Guests should first get to the base station situated at the Oriental Village. From here, the link auto will coast up the cool and pleasant Mat chincang range.

The cutting edge gondolas will guarantee one have a charming and essential experience on the Langkawi Cable Car. As the gondolas push ahead up the slope, you’ll witness the stunning perspective of the surroundings rich greenery, the delightful ocean and falling Telaga Tujuh waterfalls. As the gondolas coast over the charming rainforests, you’ll have the capacity to catch sights of hornbills, winged creatures and hawks.

At the point when the gondolas achieve the center station in the wake of floating around 1, 700 meters long, you’ll now witness the shocking perspective of unmistakable rock developments geographical elements framed 500 million years prior.

When you achieve the center station, you’ll have the capacity to stroll to the survey stage and appreciate the wonderful perspective of the principle islands and investigate the rich greenery at short proximity. The gondolas will then transport you another 450 meters to the top station.
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21. Telaga Tujuh

22. Temurun Waterfall

23. Crocodile farm

A standout amongst the most one of a kind attractions in Langkawi Island is the Taman Buaya Langkawi or the Langkawi Crocodile Farm where you will have the capacity to stroll with crocodiles, actually.

Situated around 32km towards the north of Kuah, it is situated in Datai Bay, one of the principle zones of the island. Here is the place you will have the capacity to see more than 1,000 crocodiles and gators that incorporate some uncommon species.

Enrolled under the CITES (Convention on International Trade and Endangered Species) association, it houses the most crocodile and gator species on the planet where you will have the capacity to see and find out about the numerous sorts of crocodiles on the planet.

There are appears and exhibitions from the tamed crocodiles while there are additionally some which are risky.

One of the highlights here incorporate the ‘Man versus Crocodile’ wrestling match where you will have the capacity to see with your own eyes how the man battles against the monster reptile, or the other way around.
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24. Black Sand Beach

25. Telaga Ayer Hangat
– Tel : 959 1357

26. Durian Perangin Waterfall